Is the afterlife joy or sorrow?

Everything in this world has its beginning and end

So human life sooner or later comes to an end. What does the end of human life mean? According to the earthly concept, this is death, according to the heavenly concept, it is the ascension to God’s abode.

Without exception, all people are afraid of death, but you should not do this. After all, death is the only transition from earthly life to heavenly life.

Yes Yes Yes. It exists in heaven. Life is like life, only there is no appearance of a person, and it passes according to its own laws.

The man died, his soul separated and went to another world, and the body was buried in the earth. It would seem the end of everything and everything.

But no, the soul went to heaven, where it continues to live. Her life in heaven begins immediately after the death of a person and ends at the moment of his birth in a new life.

Immediately after death, the soul passes through purgatory, where the cleansing of its earthly sins takes place. The soul is shown and told about all the sins committed on earth.

Explain what was done wrong, praise for good deeds and deeds. Then a verdict is issued, i.e. deciding where and on what level to send this soul.

There are several levels, but the most terrible of them is hell. This level is for souls who have had many sins.

The most guilty souls on earth go to it. First of all, these are suicides, murderers, tormentors of others, etc. They stay at this level for a very long time and experience unbearable torment.

There is a cleaning of the soul, it is removed from it, i.e. all unnecessary, all negativity is burned out.

This process is very painful, sometimes simply unbearable. After such torment, the soul is completely cleansed and a person in a new life starts everything from scratch.

Only souls not pleasing to God go to hell

All others rise to higher levels (paradise). Depending on earthly sins, each of them goes either to the lower, or to the middle, or to the upper level.

At these levels, souls redeem their guilt and, by the decision of God, can already rise to a higher level. What are they doing there, how do they atone for their guilt, because there are no arms, no legs, no head, only thoughts.

It is with thoughts that the souls work. It turns out that thoughts can work, and how. Sometimes the soul does more mentally than a person on earth does with his hands.

Each soul is an energy ball containing information about a past life. The whole life of a person is placed in this clot of energy, all his deeds and deeds. The ball is small, but very energy intensive.

Being at their levels, souls receive various kinds of information. And the higher the level, the more voluminous and saturated it is. What is included in the information?

Literally everything, it is easier to list what is not included. This is the information the souls will know. They accept it, process it and put the acquired knowledge into memory for their future new life.

But not only knowledge is occupied by souls at their levels. They spend a lot of time on fulfilling the tasks of God, which they must complete in full. For well-executed tasks, God encourages, for unfulfilled tasks, he scolds, i.e. scolds.

In heaven, all souls are equal for God, for him the main thing is how they were on earth in the form of a person and how many sins they accumulated.

After purification, they are all equal, regardless of the past life. God does not care who a person was in a past life: a high-ranking person or a simple earthly worker.

For him, everyone is equal, and this is true, because there can be no inequality in heaven.

All souls in heaven are in their abode

According to the earthly concept, it is like a house. But only the monastery is not like a house. It is an interweaving of many energies together, it turns out something in the form of a bird’s nest.

In this nest, the souls stay all their free time, if they are not busy with God’s assignments.

There are many such abodes and souls “live” everywhere in them. They are not evenly distributed, in one part of the world there are more of them, in the other less. In each monastery there are approximately 5-8 thousand souls.

There are cloisters in which there are even more souls and they all get along perfectly with each other. In heaven, no one scolds, offends or beats anyone. All there is at rest, all is there in silence.