Life after death

What is our reality?

The only reality that exists is God, the Creator of everything. The spiritual worlds, the material universe, all objects in the universe, as well as people, are the creations of God, which God creates and renews every moment of time.

God does not need anything, he is absolute and self-sufficient. Creation is a manifestation of love for the created.

One of the main gifts of God to people is the freedom of choice. HE did not create us as “robots”, that is, beings acting according to one program.

Like animals for example. Accordingly, now each person chooses for himself his own spiritual path.

If he wants eternal life, then he chooses to fulfill the commandments of God, or God forbid, he chooses the opposite, and then his life is like a dream, it was and dissipated like smoke. It was and is not.

Where is the truth

Truth is found only where the Creator revealed himself to people and gave them his Torah (God’s Teaching). It happened on Mount Sinai, where God gave the Torah to the people of Israel and entered into an eternal alliance with them.

Instructions were also given to all other peoples of the world. These are the seven commandments of the sons of Noah.

Thus, all people on earth, all mankind received the true Teaching, the right path to God. Only by fulfilling them can one fulfill the will of God and be rewarded with eternal life.

After all, all other religions, their spiritual directions are invented by man and lead the wrong way.

Your unique chance

In this world, nothing happens by chance and just like that, including the fact that you came to this site. If your life, real life, is important to you, think about it.

You have been shown the straight and correct path of life, which Gd wants people to follow. And it’s up to you whether you follow it.

People who put all their efforts into acquiring material goods or the values ​​of this world, forgetting about God, are pitiable.

And this despite the fact that the 7 Divine commandments for all mankind are actually very close to man, and each person can observe them with not much effort.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity that you have been given, do not miss your chance – the Seven Commandments of Gd for all mankind.

The Seven Commandments are the basis for the development of spirituality in any person!

The biggest mystery of existence is our own existence.

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where do we go when we die? What is a soul? Do we have a soul? What is our true nature?

The true nature of reality is revealed to us – as we enter the realm of quantum reality – and we understand the waves of various potential outcomes of reality.

Physical the world as we see it is not reality – the true nature of reality is infinite possibilities, infinite creativity – it does not exist in space and time – space and time exist within it, and this is what we call consciousness.

This consciousness governs, builds and becomes the universe. Our experience as beings in the universe is an ongoing activity within consciousness.

What we experience as images, sensations, thoughts, emotions and feelings are all qualities of consciousness.

Consciousness and its qualities are all that exists. This is our true identity. We perceive the world from our subjective point of view – we see objects and beings as existing separately from us.

This is an illusion. We are all one consciousness.Many have heard about clinical death, and what people who survived it say.

Meaning of life

Every thinking person at least once thought about the meaning of life. The question why I live, why I came into this world should worry every person.

I hope you already know that the fundamental principle of human existence is the observance of the commandments that the Almighty gave to man.

But why should a person keep the commandments? After all, it is much easier to live without them, do what you want and how you want. Really why?

The world is inseparable from God

The world does not exist and cannot exist by itself after its creation. Every moment of time the Creator maintains the coexistence of the world.

Our world, as it were, is inside the Creator and completely, every moment depends on the Creator and is controlled by him.

At the same time, the Creator himself does not depend in any way on the world that he created. And if the Creator would decide to stop the coexistence of the world, it would not affect the Creator in any way.

God is one and absolute and perfect in a wholeness incomprehensible to man. It was like this even before the creation of the world, and if it had destroyed our world, it would have remained exactly the same – absolutely perfect and self-sufficient.

Creation was created as the realization of the Creator’s love. Creation includes the spiritual worlds standing above our world.