Soul transfer and quantum teleportation

Should we believe the reports that there is no death

Biocentrism is a hypothesis developed by Robert Lanza in 2007 that asserts the primacy of biology over all other sciences, because only life and consciousness exist, and space, time and space exist only insofar as this consciousness exists.

Based on this concept, Lanza argues that

The energy of electric currents generated by the brain, at least by virtue of the law of conservation of energy, must go somewhere after the death of a person – and it moves, the professor is sure, into a parallel space.

This happens, according to the scientist, with the help of a well-known quantum effect called “quantum teleportation”.

Quantum teleportation is the transfer of a quantum state over a certain distance using a coupled pair separated in space (a pair in a state of quantum entanglement) and a communication channel.

In this case, at the point of departure, the quantum state is destroyed (at the moment of its measurement), and then recreated at the point of reception.

Many of us are afraid of death

“Many of us are afraid of death. We believe in death because we are constantly told we are going to die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know for sure that bodies die.

But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the end, as it seems to us, says Professor Lanza about his theory.

One of the well-known postulates of quantum physics says that it is impossible to absolutely accurately predict the result of some observations. Instead, there are several different outcomes that can happen with different probabilities.

One of the popular explanations for this fact is the concept of a multi-world, which means that each of the possible outcomes corresponds to a separate world (the concept of the Multiverse).

A new scientific theory called biocentrism refines these ideas.”

The book caused a lot of controversy – perhaps, skepticism towards Lanza’s ideas still prevailed. And this is due to the following reason:

when a specialist – even the best in his field – begins to talk about the successes of another science, he risks making a mistake.

It also presents a mixture of biology, philosophy and quantum mechanics, which is why experts from different fields of science were in no hurry to highly appreciate the theory of Robert Lanza.

Lanza’s theory

A few years after the publication of Lanza’s theory that death is not the end of human existence, she again made a lot of noise, and this happened for reasons that are not entirely clear.

The situation reminded the story of the theory of the researcher Jenny Graves: in January 2013, she stated that men would disappear from the face of the Earth in 5 million years.

In early January 2016 publications reported this, adding to the sensational message the opinion of another scientist, Brian Sykes, who believed that men would die out even earlier – in just 125 thousand years.

In the situation with the theory of Robert Lanza

Reality was also somewhat embellished. In addition to retelling the hypothesis of the Multiverse and the statement that there is no death, the following statements appeared on the network: “The American professor considers the fact that indirect confirmation of his theory that.

From time to time, people from parallel worlds appear on Earth, and then disappear without a trace – Bigfoot, mermaids, the Loch Ness monster and other mysterious characters whose existence science cannot explain, ”

as well as statements that parallel worlds “really exist, but have not been fully studied by specialists.” Despite the ambiguity of the theory of biocentrism and statements about the transfer of brain energy to parallel worlds of the Multiverse, Robert Lanza never wrote about mermaids and the Loch Ness monster.

Leaving the body is a phenomenon that is not yet amenable to reasonable, and most importantly, convincing explanations.

After a short search, it was possible to find out that Professor Lanza really claimed this, but for the first time this happened in 2010, almost immediately after the professor published his sensational book “Biocentrism. How life creates the universe.

A person intuitively feels that there is a certain injustice in the idea of death.

The concept of eternal life exists and it depends only on the person himself, his actions and actions whether he will be rewarded with it.

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